I offer the Turkish society a simple solution. We. Abdullah Ocalan. We accept the republic, its unitary structure and lai-.An extraordinary political prisoner On an island, in a cell, No one to talk to, only books to read No handshake, no embrace since 1999 Total ban on his mother.H. E. Amb. Ramón Custodio Espinoza (Ambassador of Honduras to Germany), Alejandra Zelaya (Country Brand International Representative, Foreign Service of Honduras.... wiha hatine belavkirin ku êdî hevserokê HDP Selahettin Demirtaş zêde derdikeve pêş û ewê cihê Serokê PKK Abdullah Ocalan bigire.EGF Turkey File 16-31 st Mar 2013 www.gpf-europe.com. Abdullah Ocalan has followed through on his early March promise to bring a halt to the three decade.Varieties of Terrorism International terrorism - One person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter. –Abdullah Ocalan of the PKK (a. SlidePlayer. Search.

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INTRODUCTION n February 15, 1999 Abdullah Ocalan was kidnap- ped on his way from the Greek embassy inNairobi (Kenya) to the airport. He was tied up and brought.

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VICE News met with PKK leader Cemil Bayik in his northern Iraqi mountain stronghold to discuss the ongoing. by now-jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan along with Bayik.

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Main Florida (FL) Native Ocalan Joshua Gray runs for Marion County Commission.From: "Yusuf Ocalan" <[email protected]> Reply-To: [email protected] Greetings to you; I am Yusuff Ocalan the only surviving child of Abdullah.

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Turkish Supreme Court: Ocalan's rights violated,. Concerning the appeal of Abdullah Ocalan against the confiscation and the burning of his manuscripts for "The.

Art galleries; Deutsch; Italiano; Other campaigns;. (Abdullah Öcalan) "Lösungsweg" (Way to Solution). "Freedom for Leader Ocalan" by Karwan Mahabad.Abdullah Öcalan. Messages of Greeting English; Deutsch; Italiano; Greeting Message. Dear participants, In greeting you, the participants of the conference, I.see the haunting and shocking images that won this year’s world. year-old Islamic State fighter named Jacob in front of a poster of Abdullah Ocalan,.

Court to issue verdict on Ocalan compensation claim. Abdullah Ocalan claims that the Greek government failed to offer him protection after he requested political.

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. Abdullah Ocalan. PKK’s ceasefire announcement has been to order its troops to attack PKK forces and to maintain the death sentence of Ocalan.Deputy PM Yalcin Akdogan criticises PKK leadership in Qandil mountains for not convening ‘Disarmament Congress’ called by imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in.

The Show Trial of Abdullah Ocalan in Turkey What lies behind the behaviour of the PKK leader? By Justus Leicht and Peter Schwarz 8 June 1999.

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These combative words were spoken by Abdullah Öcalan, head of the. A demonstrator demanding freedom for imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in Berlin in.Hundreds Attend Caracas Forum on Kurdish Revolution in Rojava. By. leader Abdullah Ocalan,. Ocalan has served as a critical ideological referent for the.

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Other PKK Symbols: Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) (2). Founded in 1978 by Kurdish political science student Abdullah Ocalan, the Kurdistan Worker's Party.PKK ‘not listening’ to Ocalan: Turkish official. MESOP: CEMIL BAYIK (PKK) NOT LISTENING TO OCALAN. 28 Feb. to its jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan and there is.

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Refugees – we are the victims of war and the messengers of peace!. The Kurdish refugees in Europe took up the peace initiative of Ocalan.3 I. ABDULLAH OCALAN PEACE DECLERATION / NEWROZ 2015 Abdullah Ocalan, Imrali Island Prison 21st March 2015 TO ALL OUR PEOPLE; I am greeting the Newroz of all our.

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. March 11, 2015. Women fighters at a Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) base. Hanging on the wall are pictures of jailed Kurdish militant leader Abdullah Ocalan.

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Abdullah Öcalan explicitly referred to this “National Pact”, which was jointly con-cluded by the Turks and Kurds of the Otto-man Empire.Abdullah Ocalan also highlights this dimension in his writings by stating that the continuation of a secessionist discourse after the cold war was a mistake.

Serokê PKKê Abdullah Ocalan, di peyamekê de ku ji bo civîna amadekariya Kongreya Neteweyî ya Kurdî şandibû, jibilî şandina silav ji Barzanî, Talebanî û.__ Australasian A Number 168 Winter 1999 SO cents Defeat Imperialism Through· Workers Revolution-Defend. Serbia!. state' ushered in a sharp rise in region­.May day message from Ocalan, Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan has issued a May Day message, expressing its solidarity with the working class of Turkey and the Middle East.. Murat Karaylan, is considered the PKK's top commander on the ground in the absence of the group's imprisoned leader, Abdullah Ocalan.The kurdish leader and freedoms fighter Abdullah Öcalan is arrested by the turkish fashism regime - Video embed to Dargoole. Dargoole search your video.Mehmet Ali Dogan: Communes, Counter-Hegemony, and the. Dogan draws on the thinking of Kurdistan Workers' Party leader Abdullah Ocalan who since his.VICE News gained access to the PKK youth wing. PKK Youth: Fighting for Kurdish. kobane, umit kurt, pkk youth, islamic state, abdullah ocalan, rojava, apo.

By Gulsen Solaker and Daren Butler ANKARA/ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkey’s pro-Kurdish opposition said on Thursday it hoped Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants.

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